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Powdered and Non Powdered Gloves

We carry both powdered and non-powdered gloves for medical and non-medical use. Both have their benefits and best uses.

Powdered Disposable Gloves: Powdered gloves include a light coating of cornstarch. This light dusting of starch helps to ensure the gloves do not stick together and that they are easier to put on. The seconds saved by not having to struggle with an unpowered glove can be significant in emergency situations. However, it is important to note that this powder can raise some allergen concerns for those with sensitive skin and those who must wear the gloves on a regular basis.

Non-Powdered Disposable Gloves: Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl rubber disposable gloves are available in powdered and non powdered varieties. Powder free gloves are treated with chlorine to remove the powder and to stiffen the surface of the gloves. For latex gloves, this also removes latex proteins on the surface of the gloves. This reduces the chance of wearers developing a latex allergy which the cornstarch can exacerbate.

For nitrile and vinyl gloves, there is not an allergy concern for the gloves themselves. Instead, the risk is for allergies to the cornstarch. This is relevant in food prep and medical applications. In many applications, the use of powdered and latex gloves is not allowed due to allergy concerns.

Glove Grades

Gloves have a wide range of applications. To meet the needs of these applications, gloves come in medical and non medical varieties along with other grades, including:

Exam or Medical Grade: Medical grade gloves are some of the most common types you will see. These gloves are approved for medical exams and other medical applications but are not for surgical use. Nursing homes, clinics, hospitals and laboratories will use these in many situations as they will protect wearers from most contaminants and bodily fluids.

Surgical Grade: Surgical gloves are worn when there is a high risk of contact with pathogens found in blood. They are designed to provide an exacting fit and allow for increased dexterity without decreasing protection.

Food Prep Gloves: Food grade gloves protect against food contamination. These gloves are generally a looser fit than medical gloves and are best for short term wear during low-risk applications.

Industrial Grade: Industrial grade gloves are among the toughest and most durable glove types. These heavy-duty gloves can stand up to handling harsher chemicals and janitorial applications.

Rubber Disposable Gloves Materials

Latex Gloves: Latex disposable gloves have been used for many years for medical and non-medical applications. They are durable, comfortable and offer superior tactile function. The extra sensitivity and dexterity they allow make them a quality choice for surgical applications. Buy Gloves offers a wide selection of latex gloves for medical and non-medical applications including our heavy-duty neoprene latex gloves.

Note: It is important to note that latex gloves present an allergy risk. Powdered latex gloves in particular can increase sensitivity to latex.

Nitrile Gloves: Nitrile gloves offer an allergy-free alternative to latex gloves. These soft, comfortable gloves offer protection against many chemicals and bodily fluids. However, they do not allow for as great of sensitivity as latex gloves.

Vinyl Gloves: Vinyl gloves are another latex-free alternative. They are affordable, comfortable and offer protection against a variety of chemicals. Their primary drawback is that they do not allow for as great of touch sensitivity as latex gloves and they are generally not as durable.

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